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Ada & Albert's successful Pop Up store at The Glades Shopping Centre, Bromley, has helped spread the message about the charity and its goals, with recent newspaper articles highlighting the charity, and the warm welcome it received from local residents in Bromley.

The Charity was given the chance to open a Pop Up Store at The Glades for three weeks in April and, thanks to overwhelming support from both the public and The Glades itself, was able to extend its stay for an additional month.

The store received media coverage from a number of local newspapers and news websites, praising the charity's hard work and success in supporting vulnerable children in the Bromley borough.

County Border News announced the Charity was extending its stay at The Glades, while The News Shopper also highlighted the generosity of local people in coming out in droves to support Ada & Albert

The Bromley Borough News ran the piece below, both online and in its printed newspaper: