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The demand and interest in sustainable fashion is rising and as we make our way through the months of 2020, it is no longer becoming an added feature but a necessity for many shoppers.

Whether that be the voice of sustainable fashion bloggers, ethically conscious brands or news reporters, it is becoming more apparent that the environmental effects of the retail industry are having a negative impact.
That is why more and more shoppers are turning to sustainable fashion and recycling! Meaning less purchasing of fast fashion, more clothes swaps, buying second hand and taking better care of the clothes you already have.


Still not convinced? Here are some facts to help sway your shopping habits:

  •  Excessive consumerism is causing fast fashion brands to constantly produce new trends to keep up with the growing demand of fresh new styles (Business Insider, 2019). However, 85% of all textiles from fashion brands ends up in landfill each year, with only 15% being bought by consumers.


  • Fast Fashion is speeding towards an environmental disaster (The Guardian, 2020). Experts warn that the fashion industry needs to fundamentally change in order to mitigate the environmental impact of fast fashion. It is calculated that the fashion industry produces 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions every year, estimated to use around 1.5 trillion litres of water annually.





The figures speak for themselves! However, experts say that we can limit these environmental impacts with changes in our own habits, including:

  • Purchasing Pre-Loved items
  • Clothes Rental
  • Better Recycling processes
  • Pollution control Technology
  • Purchasing from brands who use innovative technology to recycle clothing offcuts.


At Ada & Albert we are proud to play a part in the life of a recycled garment. We are rehoming clothes to keep their cycle going for as long as possible. All our recycled clothes are in excellent condition and are not ready to hang up their hangers just yet.
By shopping with us you can find items that are often both brand new and pre-loved and with the kind donation of their old owner are ready for a new lease of life.

Being an Ada & Albert Shopper means you are:

  • Lowering the amount of clothes ending up in landfills
  • Reducing the annual usage of water
  • Lowering the amount of microfibers ending up in the ocean each year (500,000 to be exact) which are created by washing clothes
  • Playing an essential part in helping change the working conditions of garment workers in third world countries.

    As well as the environmental benefits that sustainable shopping brings, you’ll also be saving your pennies. What more could you want?


    Play your part in a new ethically conscious world…. And shop Ada & Albert.