Providing parcels of essential items for those most affected by Covid-19.



Ada & Albert continue to support The Clarion Housing Project and Thresher's Day Nursery by providing them with parcels of non-perishable food items, household essentials and personal care items.

As a consequence of our ongoing relationship with both charities, we are able to tailor each hamper to individual families; helping to provide the tangible support that's needed.


*Donations Required by Friday 24th July 2020*

Where are the donations coming from?


Donations will be from Ada & Albert, boutique customers and the local community.

Including essential items such as nappies, toiletries, non-perishable food and drink items and cupboard essentials.

If you have any spare products in your cupboard or can add some extra items to your shopping list, we would welcome your donations.

What we believe

Covid-19 has had a heavy impact on everyone but vulnerable families have been impacted the most.

For these families the impact extends to every factor from social, environmental and economic.

We hope that our parcels will provide some assistance for these families.

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