Posted on by Ozay Booth

Laptop Donation

Ada & Albert continue to support StEP - The Community outreach charity for St Edward's, Mottingham by donating a laptop to their virtual programmes operating throughout Covid-19.

(Image 1: Sue from StEP)


Thanks to an ongoing supporter of Ada & Albert we were able to donate a laptop to StEP's virtual programmes, allowing children without access to a computer the ability to access support.


How will a laptop help StEP?

  • Increase the access to online support so children without computers or access to a phone can experience StEP activities from their own homes.
  • Provide support in a time where children are feeling scared and isolated.
  • Provide a fun space for children to interact with others.


We'd like to thank StEP for the amazing work that they continue to do, providing an outlet for the difficulties of growing up, school and home lives.

Ada & Albert x