Join Ada & Albert this November as we complete the 10 mile challenge for The Chartwell Children's Cancer Trust.


Walk it, run it, bike it, climb it... whatever way you choose, do it your way.



- WALK -


Join the family together on an afternoon walk as you take the challenge on.

On average it takes 2.5 hours to complete the 10 mile challenge. How long will it take you?

- RUN -


Increase the pace with a run.



Climb the miles. To complete the 10 mile challenge via stairs it'll take you 21,120 steps to complete

- RIDE -


What better way to join together than with a bike ride.

Where will the money go?

72 presents for 72 children

There are currently 72 children in the Bromley borough undergoing treatment for Cancer. Join Ada & Albert this Christmas as we raise money to purchase Christmas presents for them, helping bring some happiness during this extremely difficult time in their lives.  

The Chartwell Children's Cancer Trust


We provide fun items for the children on the cancer ward including arts, crafts and books - items that make their time in hospital that little bit nicer.


We also have 4 child cancer support groups that we run and fund, which provide a lifeline to families during a very difficult time in their lives.


— Michelle Simpson, Children’s Support Groups Co-ordinator



The Chartwell Children's Cancer Trust are a local charity that support children and their families in the Bromley borough and surrounding areas that have cancer or leukemia.


The Chartwell Children's Cancer Trust have 3 children's wards that they support; providing funding to these wards for additional items they may need. Including additional staff, training for the nurses and equipment.


How to enter the challenge?

1. Download your sponsorship/donation form
2. Pick a date for you and your family to complete the 10 mile challenge
3. Submit your sponsorship/donation form and money to Ada & Albert by Friday 11th December.

Submitting your sponsorship/donation money

Bank Transfer
Banking details can be found on your sponsorship/donation form.

Submit via our boutique
Money can be brought directly into our Charity Boutique.

Download your Sponsorship/Donation Form

Thank you!