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Sustainability and eco-awareness has never been more in the headlines. With the climate change marches bringing cities to a standstill around the globe, the message is clear: the world wants action and we - as a planet - need to become more environmentally aware in every aspect of our lives.

Sustainable fashion is also enjoying something of a revival, as people become more aware of the legacy and environmental cost of the clothes they buy. Ethical, sustainable fashion brands are cropping up all over the internet, offering clothes made from recycled fibres, and that provide their makers with a good, living wage. No longer are people satisfied with cheap fashion, or disposable clothes that are sent to landfill  after just a couple of wears.

So, great changes are being made in the clothes we choose to buy, but what about the wardrobes full of outfits we already own? The UK population buys two tonnes of clothes every single day, and yet we’re all guilty of wearing the same half dozen outfits each week, while leaving 80% of our clothes to gather dust in the back of a cupboard.

But having a cupboard clear out worthy of Marie Kondo might just spark more questions than joy, with the UK sending an estimated 140 million pounds worth of clothing to landfill each year, according to government waste body Wrap.

But what’s the alternative? Well, just as preloved furniture is enjoying a revival, so is preloved fashion. More and more people are embracing the idea of purchasing ‘new to you’ clothes - and even supermarket chain Asda has come on board with the idea, opening a ‘Re-loved Pop Up Shop’ in its Milton Keynes branch in September.
Even more appealing is the idea that your own preloved fashions can have a new lease of life in someone else’s wardrobe, while also helping an entirely separate home. At Ada & Albert we rely on donations of good quality preloved fashion - both high end and high street - and every penny we raise is used to support charities that help vulnerable children and their families within our local community.
So next time you decide to spring clean your wardrobe and say goodbye to your unwanted clothes, rather than heading to eBay or simply throwing them away, why not donate them to us? Not only will you be helping improve the lives of children who need help to reach their full potential in life, but you’ll also be reducing the UK’s mountain of discarded clothes and help the environment all at the same time.